Corbynite NEC candidate Yasmin Dar backed Burnham for leader

A candidate standing for election to Labour’s NEC on a pro-Jeremy Corbyn ticket supported Andy Burnham during the 2015 leadership election.

Yasmine Dar posed with Burnham on 24 July at an event hosted by the now-mayor of Manchester, who finished a distant second to Corbyn, in a picture she shared on Twitter:

She was also one of the Labour councillors thanked by Burnham during the leadership campaign for publicly declaring their support for his candidacy.

Dar stood for selection in the Manchester Gorton by-election, which was won by former Labour MEP Afzal Khan – who is also in the picture tweeted by Dar. Khan was a vocal Burnham supporter.

The fact that Dar backed Burnham for the leadership contradicts claims made by the three NEC candidates backed by Momentum – Dar, Jon Lansman and Rachel Garnham– that all of them supported Corbyn “from the start”.

North West Durham MP Laura Pidcock is one of those to have repeated the claim that the “Momentum Three’ are long-term Corbynites:

That assertion is thought to have irritated other NEC candidates, including two who have won the backing of Project 125, which campaigns for 20% of Labour candidates to be disabled. They include Sarah Taylor, who is a member of Momentum.

At least 13 people are standing in the election to choose an additional three NEC members to represent party members, as party of Corbyn’s reform of the party. They include Johanna Baxter, who has previously served on the NEC, and comedian and activist Eddie Izzard, who has stood unsuccessfully for the NEC in the past.

That will increase the number of members chosen by party activists from six to nine. The size of Labour’s governing body will be increased from 36 to 39 members. The deadline for CLPs to nominate candidates is midnight on November 19th. So far about 160 CLPs have done so.

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