AWKSBOX: Skwawkbox blogger ejects six members of Momentum from CLP meeting

Hard left poster boy Steve Walker was last night forced to expel six of his own supporters.

Hard left poster boy Steve Walker was last night forced to expel six of his own supporters as the civil war between hard left factions in the Garston & Halewood Labour Party boiled over.

The six were protesting a decision to expel three local members on grounds that they are members of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), something prohibited by Labour’s constitution.

As the CLP’s chair, Walker took the decision to eject them when they refused to allow the meeting to move forward unless he agreed to a debate on the expulsions. No one at the meeting called for a vote on Walker’s decision, allowing him to have them kicked out of the meeting unopposed.

The loss of six Momentum members from meeting meant that the CLP nominated Eddie Izzard for a position on Labour’s NEC and elected a new membership secretary, handing moderates a majority on the CLP’s executive committee. The vote for membership secretary was won by just six votes, with Walker’s ejection of Momentum members making all the difference.

Steve Walker has previously railed against expulsions in his Skwawkbox blog, calling them a “farce that shames the party” and backing a vote of no confidence in Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol over the issue.

The three expelled members – local pensioners Bob Walker, Tony Lucock and Gerry Tyrell – had mounted a protest outside the CLP meeting holding handmade signs reading “Save the CLP 3”.

The “Save the CLP 3” campaign is being spearheaded by former Liverpool Militant councillor Tony Mullhearn working with the Merseyside Pensioners Association.

Mullhearn has taken to Twitter to share a letter to Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell to protest that the three have been “summarily expelled from the Labour Party on … false and spurious grounds” and “without any chance of answering the charges”.

Walker’s decision to boot out members who support the campaign is said to have boiled over into a furious row on Facebook, with local members of Momentum complaining of stitch-ups and hypocrisy.

In the past Walker has previously reported on the goings on of Garston & Halewood CLP on his Skwawkbox blog, but he is yet to comment on last night’s meeting.

UPDATE: We have been contacted by another source who was at the meeting and they have asked us to point out that Steve Walker ejected two people from the meeting – another four left in protest.

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